Huawei Industrial Training ( HIT – 6 Weeks )

Huawei Industrial Training

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(HIT) 6 Weeks

  • Describe the concept of ICT
  • Describe the components of ICT mainly wireless, core, transmission, Datacom , cloudcomputing
  • Describe the uses of ICT like Voice Services, Internet Services, SMS, MMS, Email, Mobile Newspaper business
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Evolution of Mobile , fixed and IMS
  • History of Mobile Network
  • 3GPP version evolution
  • Definition & application of IMS
  • Evolution of Core Network
  • Everything is Cloud
  • Access Techologies xDsl&xPON
  • Hot Spot:Wi-fi
  • Application:IPTV
  • Internet access for mobile phone
  • Mobile phone E-mail
  • MMS
  • MAN architecture
  • IP MAN
  • MAN transport network